Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi


Semih Beken was born in 1979. He graduated Antalya Akdeniz Collage high school at 1996. He played basketball for the Turkish National Team from 1993 to 1996. Semih studied International Business at Southern New Hampshire University from 1996 to 2000. He played basketball for Southern New Hampshire University at NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) until his graduation.

Upon his return to Turkey, he started working at the marketing department of Hilmi Beken Ltd. Sti. In 2004 he moved to Istanbul to work as the export manager of an international company. In 2006, he formed a company in Miami with his brother, and started importing mdf furniture components for distribution in North America. The Miami company also had a real estate division to serve international clients. In 2008 he moved back to Turkey and became the CEO of Hilmi Beken Ltd. Sti. The company’s operations include petrol stations, retail shops, bakeries, restaurants, and catering.

• He is the Honorary Consul of Romania in Antalya.

• He is a Member of the Board for TABGİS, (Turkish oil station owners, oil and gas companies union)

• He is the Chairman of Antalya City Council Economy Group and a member of the executive board.

• He is a Vice President of Baksifed.

• Semih is the founding President, served for three therms as a President and currently Chairman of the Advisor Board of YÖRSİAD (Nomads industrialists and businessmen association).

• He is a Member of the Board of TURKONFED (Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation).

• He is a Member of the Board TURABDER (The Turkey European Union Association)

• He is a member of Antalyaspor foundation and was member of the board of basketball team.

• Founding board member of TEAMDER, (social economic research center),

Semih is married and has two children.