Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi


As the founder of HumanGroup which provides consultancy services for executive search and selection as well as leadership development programs, Gaye Özcan graduated from the Department of Sociology at Istanbul University. She continued her education with a Master's Degree in the Department of Management and Organization at Marmara University. Throughout her career, Özcan has provided managerial roles and responsibilities in the fields of Human Resources, Education and Corporate Communications in various institutions.

Özcan founded HumanGroup in 2006. Globally recognized education and consultancy models in human behavior, communication management and leadership development that have been introduced to the Turkish business world with Özcan’s leadership. Within 15 years, the company has provided services to around 70 percent of Turkey’s biggest 500 organizations. In addition to her nationwide achievements, in 2014, Özcan took on the responsibility of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) as ‘Region leader’ in IRC Global Executive Search Partners which is the world’s largest international executive search and selection company.

Özcan was elected as a member of the management board of the organization of PERYÖN (People Management Association of Turkey) which is the first and biggest NGO in Human Management field in 2017 and currently continues to serve on the Board of Directors. She took an active role in representing PERYÖN for the BORGİP project conducted within TÜSİAD (Turkish Industry & Business Association), in addition to helping with projects that helped PERYÖN mature as an organization.

Özcan is one of the founding members of Wtech (the Women's Association in Technology), which was established in 2019 with the aim of creating diversity in brain power and equal opportunity in the world of Science and Technology.

Özcan, who is a strong believer in the role of “human” at the heart of everything that makes life meaningful; manages unique executive search and selection, and corporate development projects in world’s leading countries apart from Turkey, such as UK, Italy, USA and Middle East in the field of People Management. She designs and presents training programs with the focus of the leadership style to make a difference in the business world that will be shaped by artificial intelligence.

Gaye Özcan is married and has one child.