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Fahri  ÖZSOY

Fahri Özsoy, who worked in many different companies in the construction sector and wood business until 2006. In 2006, he founded his own company, Ozsoy orman Urunleri Ltd Sti. In 2015, he graduated Bartın University Advertising and Marketing program. Fahri Özsoy, owner of Özsoy Orman Urunleri company, which has been serving Bartin and Western Black Sea markets within the scope of construction and building sector since its establishment, endeavored to take an active role in STKs throughout his business life. He participated in organizations such as Bartın Young Businessmen Association, Ataturkcu Dusunce Dernegi (ADD), Halk Evleri, Bartın University Association, Turkish Wood Products Export and Import Association, BAKZIFED and TURKONFED and work actively in many of them.

Fahri Özsoy is married and has 3 children.