Yönetim Kurulu Başkan Yardımcısı

Yiğit  SAVCI

Born in Adana in 1976, Yiğit Savcı graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering of Yıldız Technical University and started his business career in 1998 at the Turkish agency of Louis Dreyfus, managing an important trade network with more than 100 countries across the world and acting also as the merchant and processor of many commodities. Since 2000, he played an active role as a manager on behalf of Louis Dreyfus in the realization of the Ram Dış Ticaret- Başer Petrokimya-Louis Dreyfus partnership in the plastic raw material distribution organization.

In 2001, he started his business life by founding Gama Plastik A.Ş. with his partners and procured plastic raw materials under the Gama brand from domestic and foreign markets. After completing his master's degree (MBA) in 2004, he went to Singapore to expand his company activities internationally and established Gama Petrochemicals Pte Ltd. Savcı, who lived in Turkey and Singapore simultaneously for nearly 10 years, expanded the group's activities by trading with Southeast Asian, Chinese and Indian markets.

With the establishment of Gama Polymers LLC in the USA in 2008-2009, he enabled his companies to operate on three continents. In 2011 in Gebze, he started engineering plastic production with the Alfa brand in order to produce qualified plastic raw materials. and launched a plastic recycling production line under Beta brand with this facility, contributing to sustainability in the automotive and white goods industries. Yiğit Savcı, who made his last investment on masterbatch production with the Kappa brand to produce colored plastics at the beginning of 2015, served as the chairman of board of directors of the Young Managers and Businessmen Association from 2017 to 2019 (16th term) where he is a member since 2005.

Having led the establishment of GYİAD Academy in 2010 and supported the creation and development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey within the scope of NGO activities, Savcı told his own story as a speaker and panelist at nearly 20 universities. In 2016, he realized the project of turning “Entrepreneurship Cases into a Book” and became the father of the idea of the book “Formül Sosunda (Formula Sauce), which was published by GYİAD with this project.

Investing as an angel investor, Savcı, with a group of angel investor friends, invested in six companies in the YCombinator Incubation Center in Silicon Valley in 2012. Savcı has been managing the citrus production transformation project from traditional agriculture to productivity-based production using new-generation technology at Savcılar Agricultural Enterprise located in Adana-Çukurova since 2013.