Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi

Celal  ÖĞÜCÜ

Celal Öğücü, Vice Chairperson of the Board of Marmara Group of Companies, was born in 1958 in Gaziantep.

He continued his education in Gaziantep until university. In 1975, he went to England for University Education. He completed his studies at “Chemical Engineering” department at Manchester University Engineering Faculty and then returned to Istanbul after completing his master's degree in "Polymer Chemistry" and started his professional career by starting to work in the establishment of Marmara Pamuklu Mensucat in Çorlu. He worked in non-governmental organizations such as TÜRKONFED TRAKYASİFED, ÇİSAD, TEKSENDER, ÇTSO, TAİDER, Çorlu Rotary Association, Moda Deniz Club, Büyük Club, and the Volunteer Education Foundation.

Marmara Pamuklu Mensucat İplik business, which was established in 1984, was followed by domestic investments such as the Paint Shop in 2004, the Power Plant in 2005, and the Lila Kağıt in 2007.