Zişan Eda Gökalp

Corporate Communication Specialist

Born in Istanbul, Zişan Eda Gökalp graduated from Yeni Yüzyıl University, Department of Political Science and International Relations with a full scholarship. She completed her mandatory internship at the Foreign Relations and Protocol Department of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (G.N.A.T.) and during her internship, she worked on “Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges” and later joined TÜRKONFED's Volunteering Program.

Having started her professional career as an Assistant Export Specialist in 2017, she continued her professional career at TÜRKONFED as Corporate Communications Junior Specialist in the same year, and continues her duty as a Corporate Communications Specialist.

Holding Corporate Communication and Brand Management and Digital Marketing Fundamentals certificates, she has experience in the implementation of communication strategies, corporate identity applications, event management, website development and social media.