The Resilience of The SMEs Increases with Digital Transformation!

The Resilience of The SMEs Increases with Digital Transformation!

The first of the webinar series organized within the scope of the "Resilient SMEs, Strong Tomorrows" project implemented by TURKONFED in cooperation with SPARK, a non-governmental organization based in Netherlands, was held with the theme "Digitalization and Labor Market Transformation”. TÜRKONFED President Orhan Turan delivered the opening speech of the event. He said: "We aim to support economic inclusiveness, social integrity and the fight against informal economy as well as digital transformation with our project, where we will organize various trainings for eight months and will provide 1.5 million TL to 50 SMEs.” At the event, it was pointed out that the resilience of SMEs will increase with digitalization.

March 4, 2021 / Istanbul - The first meeting of the webinar series within the scope of the “Resilient SMEs, Strong Tomorrows” project, which was realized in cooperation with SPARK with the aim of developing the culture of working together in the business world and increasing the resilience of SMEs by TÜRKONFED, took place. TÜRKONFED President Orhan Turan, Sabancı University Istanbul Policy Center Director Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman and Siemens Digitalization and Industry 4.0 Marketing Manager Derya İren participated in the “Digitalization and Labor Market Transformation” themed panel moderated by Journalist Ahu Özyurt.

“Resilient SMEs, Strong Tomorrows Meetings" will be held in March, April and May, on the first and third Wednesday of each month, at 15:00 with a different theme. Online events can be followed at

Digitalization and infrastructure improvement support for 50 SMEs

With the "Resilient SMEs, Strong Tomorrows" project, which aims to develop a culture of working together between SMEs with Turkish and Syrian capital, it is aimed to increase the resilience of SMEs against disasters and pandemic crises, to support digital transformation processes, to ensure social cohesion, to increase economic inclusion and to increase the workforce. It is also aimed to contribute to the prevention of loss.

The "Resilient SMEs, Strong Tomorrows" project which brings, 50 SMEs together, 25 from Turkey and 25 with Syrian capital, will be carried out over four main activity areas: training, webinar, matching and coaching meetings. Within the scope of the eight-month project financed by the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), a total of 30 thousand TL will be provided to each participating company, 1.5 million TL in total. The fund will be used to improve digital transformation processes and to eliminate the infrastructure deficiencies identified in the training processes of the project.