"I Can Manage My Business" Got a Start from Antalya!

"I Can Manage My Business" Got a Start from Antalya!

TURKONFED, Visa and UNDP put the ‘’I Can Manage My Business’’ project into effect with the aim of supporting SMEs, which invigorate the Turkish economy and are one of the main players of t global competition, in transferring their activities to the digital environment. With the support of 27 banks from Turkey the program aims at reaching 3000 SMEs in three years.

Antalya, September 13, 2019- The opening meeting of the "I Can Manage My Business" project, which i implemented with the support of 27 banks, in cooperation with the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED), Visa and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) was held in Antalya Akra Hotel, hosted by the Western Mediterranean Federation of Industry and Business (BAKSİFED) on September 13.

Set out with the aim of supporting SMEs, I Can Manage My Business project’s , pilot scheme started in Adana in April, it was promoted nationwide in Antalya and it will continue with conferences and trainings in 4 other provinces, Bursa, Istanbul, Mardin and Denizli until the end of the year. The training program of the “I Can Manage My Business” project was prepared by the Boğaziçi University Innovation and Competition Focused Development Studies Application and Research Center.

Within the scope of the training, SMEs will be provided with the necessary equipment to get to know the digital world and to create the right strategies to gain competitive advantage. In the training to be carried out, SMEs will also have the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about basic accounting, financial statements, financial analysis and techniques, digital marketing, e-commerce, and innovative business models.

At the opening of the project that got a start in Antalya with the participation of almost 200 representatives of SMEs, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Resident Representative Deputy Claudio Tomasi, TURKONFED Chairman Orhan Turan, Visa, General Manager for Turkey Merve Tezel and BAKSİFED Board President Abdullah Erdogan also took part with their speeches.