Digital Transformation Center (DDM)

Digital Transformation Center (DDM)

The Digital Transformation Center (DDM), which was presented by TÜRKONFED to the Istanbul Development Agency in 2018 and accepted by the Agency and implemented with the support of Işbank, aims to increase the level of knowledge and awareness of SMEs on the components, requirements and benefits of digital transformation.

In the first year of the project, digitalization roadmap and digitalization scorecards were prepared for 500 SMEs, and 150 SMEs were provided with comprehensive technical support as well as mentorship and training. DDM, which implemented the DDM 2020 project under the direction of TÜRKONFED, in cooperation with Işbank and with BANDWITT acting as the solution partner, served as an emergency hotline for SMEs during the pandemic period. Having made its digitalization score and digitalization roadmaps accessible to companies from all over Turkey with its experience of more than 1.5 years, DDM provided free one-to-one coaching services to 125 companies from 23 different cities of Turkey based on their answers to a comprehensive survey.

The MLE Project launched by DDM in 2021 was carried out under the cooperation of TÜRKONFED and IŞBANK and with BANDWITT acting as the solution partner. Within the scope of the project, where medium and large-sized companies received three-month consultancy services as a result of online or physical package selection, seven companies received comprehensive in-house digital transformation strategy and implementation services.

Continuing its activities in its new term, DDM will conduct one-on-one meetings with companies and implement the digital transformation survey. In line with the survey responses and the needs of the companies, introduction to digital transformation report will be prepared and a company-specific solution partner list will be shared.