Based on the vision of the Turkish Republic and the goal of reaching the level of modern civilization as set out in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, this body aims to promote:

  • Development of regional, sectoral and national economic policies,
  • Voice of business contributing to public policies,
  • A common working ground to identify the issues of the business world and to develop proposals for targeted solutions,
  • International integration and the enhancement of competitiveness through the formation of regional and sectoral policies for development,
  • Activities and producing projects so as to best realize regional and sectoral potential,
  • Institutionalization of civil society and spread of private enterprise,
  • Business leadership and entrepreneurial qualities in society.



In accordance with its objectives, TÜRKONFED:

  • Contributes to Turkey’s economic growth, stability and development of legal, institutional and social infrastructures of the market economy,
  • Works  to strengthen ethical values in the business world and develop activities in the sense of social responsibility,
  • Follows technological developments in the world, supports the business world to increase research and development activities,
  • Works for the business world to have a marked and permanent place globally,
  • Supports the development and implementation of policies, primarily in the fields of investment, production, commerce and employment, to ensure the policy framework to respond better to the emerging needs of businesses and labor market,
  • Works to improve employment opportunities for women,
  • Promotes efficient use of resources, quality, productivity and environmental protection in society,
  • Supports the modernization of education and training systems in line with the skills needs of labor market,
  • Encourages projects that enhance social infrastructure,
  • Collaborates with universities and scientific research organizations to promote evidence-based policy-making,
  • Works in order to disperse the innovation spirit in society,
  • Operates to ensure sustainable development and eliminate inter-regional differences in terms of development,
  • Works to promote social reconciliation and cooperation between employees and employers for better national development,
  • Fosters cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience on institutional, sectoral, national and international levels in order to develop opportunities for joint ventures,
  • Contributes to increase competitiveness by promoting improvements in productivity, production quality and effective utilization of human and natural resources,
  • Formulates opinions and recommendations and shares them to the relevant authorities, stakeholders and the public,
  • Exercises the right to be a member to international federations, confederations or associations, and to be represented in international federations, confederations or associations by its own member associations or federations.