On 1949, Faruk Ekinci was born in Ceyhan, Adana. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education within Ceyhan and Adana. He graduated from Yildiz Technical University’s civil engineering department. On 1972, he started as a rolling mill manager in Karabuk, Turkey. On 1983, he became the general manager of Ekinciler Demir ve Celik Sanayi A.S., and then continued as the coordinator of Investment and Planning department. On 1986, he worked as the general manager of Ekco Ind. Inc., which was located in New York. After returning to Turkey on 1991, he became the chairman of the board of Ekinciler. He is still working as the partner chairman of the board in Ekinciler. In addition, he not only is the vice president of DASIFED, but also a member of civil associations like TUSIAD and TESEV. Faruk Ekinci is fluent in English, and is married with three children.