Yiğit  SAVCI

Born in 1976, Yigit SAVCI started his career in 1998 at Louis Dreyfus Polymer’s Turkey Office, after completing his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from  Yıldız Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey).

The turning point of his career was, in his words, his active role in the partnership of three Turkish companies in the distribution of plastic raw materials (RAM Dis Ticaret-Baser Petrokimya-Louis Dreyfus).

In 2002, he started to concentrate on commodity plastics trading, by founding Gama Plastik A.S. with his partners. In 2004, after completing his MBA, he traveled to Singapore to increase the activities of Gama Plastik in the international arena, and founded Gama Petrochemicals Pte Ltd. in Singapore. In this period, he was able to attain deeper knowledge of the markets in Southeast Asia, China and India.

He increased his companies’ trade activities by utilising risk management, logistics and financing solutions in the supply of international plastic raw materials. During the global crisis period of 2008-2009, he founded Gama Polymers LLC in USA, whereby his companies broadened its activities to three continents.

In 2011 he invested in engineering plastics, specialty polymers and built a compounding plant named Alfa Plastik in Cayirova Kocaeli Turkey, after that in 2014 expanded with color compounding facilities under Kappa brand, finally with Beta Recycling facilities, added value to greener consumption in the automotive and home appliance industry.

He has been a member of GYIAD (Young Executives and Businessman Association of Turkey) since 2005 and became president of GYIAD in May 2017, he spends most of his time on projects to encourage young people to build their entrepreneurial spirit and become more creative in the selection of their profession. Yigit is an angel investor who has 6 startup seed funding in the Silicon Valley and he is also on the advisory board of the Istanbul Angel Investment Center. He still spends a significant amount of his time in Singapore. He is interested in modern architecture and modern Turkish poetry. He pays a great importance to education and is actively involved in non profit organisations to help enhance their efforts in this area.