Yahya Alper BEKTAŞ

Yahya Alper Bektaş was born on October 8th 1977 in Elazığ, where he received his primary and secondary education. He undertook various tasks in the private sector between 1994 and 2002. In 2002, he became the President of the Executive Board of Denson Group, which operates in the energy, mining and marble sectors and currently employs 750 people.

Mr. Bektaş is also member to many associations and organizations. He was the Executive Board President of EMMAD (Elazığ Marble and Mining Association) for a period of 7 years starting from 2006; and he was a member of the Executive Board of DOGÜNSİFED (East and South East Industry and Business Federation) from 2008 to 2012. He has been a member of TÜRKONFED (Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation)’s Executive Board since 2011, and was chosen as the President of the Executive Board of FIRATSİFED (Fırat Industry and Business Federation) in March 2013.