Ozan Diren leads Turkey’s first local-capital fruit juice and a one of Turkey’s leading beverage brands, DİMES.

Diren started working for DİMES in university years, taking responsibilities at every level and in every corporate department. Meanwhile he pursued his academic training, graduating from İTÜ as an Industrial Engineer, prior to receiving a post graduate Marketing diploma from the University of Hartford. Later, he completed Finance advanced specialization program at İstanbul University’s Institute of Corporate Economics.

Parallel to the corporate vision and the development competitive environment, Ozan Diren spearheaded the formation of Nobel Pazarlama Ltd. within the DİMES group, and he has become the company’s first General Manager. In 2011, Diren is appointed as DİMES CEO.

Apart from TÜRKONFED, Ozan Diren is a Board Member in MEYED and he is involved at ŞÜD, TGDF, TÜSİAD, ASÜD and SETBİR.

Ozan Diren is married and he has three children.