Hüseyin ÖZTÜRK

Hüseyin Öztürk was born in Kars in 1965 and after 1982 he entered the socks sector in the family business since 1982 and until 2004 he started to produce socks and yarn.

Production and import-export continued in his own company which he established in 2004. As of 2006, Hüseyin Öztürk, which has also added the Rapsodi brand, continues its activities in the sector of socks as a producer, importer and exporter. Many civil society organizations, founder and executive served as Ozturk, Hosiery Manufacturers Association is the only umbrella organization of the hosiery industry in Turkey Society (ETS) since 2012 in June in conjunction with the presidential Fashion and Apparel Federation (TMHGF) doing Presidency.