Celal  ÖĞÜCÜ

Celal Öğücü, Vice President of the Board of Directors of Lila Group was born in 1958 in Gaziantep.He continued his education in Gaziantep until University. He went to the United Kingdom in 1979 for University Education.

He graduated from “Department of Chemical Engineering” in Manchester University, Faculty of Engineering and he completed his postgraduate study in “Polymer Chemistry” right after and turned back to Istanbul and began his professional business life by working in the foundation of Marmara Cotton Fabric in Çorlu.

He has been working in civil society organizations such as TÜRKONFED TRAKYASIFED, ÇİSAD, TEKSENDER, ÇTSO, TAİDER, Corlu Rotary Association, Fashion Sea Club, Big Club, Voluntary Education Foundation.

After the foundation of Marmara Cotton Fabric 1984, the local investments have continued with the establishment of Dyeing Plant in 2004, Power Plant in 2005 and Lila Paper in 2007.