TURKONFED and SAP Turkey Cooperation Brought SMEs Based in Izmir Together at the Summit

In order to bring leaders of e-commerce, e-exportation, and e-transformation together with SMEs and to contribute to the digital transformation of businesses in Anatolia, TURKONFED and SAP Turkey have launched the Digital Commerce Summits. The first summit was hosted by BASIFED in Izmir.

16 April 2019 – Istanbul / At the Digital Commerce Summit organized in cooperation with Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED) and SAP Turkey, SMEs based in Izmir came together. The first round of Digital Commerce Summits series was hosted by Batı Anadolu Sanayici ve İşadamları Dernekleri Federasyonu (BASIFED). The aim of this summit series is to bring leaders of e-commerce, e-export, and e-transformation together with SMEs and to increase businesses’ participation in new generation commercial activities. The opening speeches were delivered by BASIFED President Seda Kaya Ösen and SAP Turkey Deputy Director General Selçuk Öznal, while TURKONFED President Orhan Turan closed the meeting.


Orhan Turan: “The driving force of economy is now e-commerce and e-export”

In his speech, TURKONFED President Orhan Turan emphasized that a sustainable growth focusing on production and development can be achieved through improvement of SMEs’ competences, providing SMEs with access to finance, and increasing SMEs’ use of high technology. President Turan continued: “The fact that our SMEs produce low-tech products, lack qualified personnel, and allocate low levels of  R&D expense shares, lack innovation policies limit our competitiveness significantly. In the digitalized world, the driving force of economy is now e-commerce and e-export”.