Turkonfed International Restructuring Expected to Grow International Ties

Turkish Enterprise and Business Association (Turkonfed), which represents more than 40.000 business persons and companies, is currently distributed on Turkey’s map through 29 regional and sectoral federations and 247 associations. Through reports, services and events, Türkonfed carries out policy advocacy, networking and projects that are funded by reputable local and international partners.

International aspect of these activities are coordinated by Türkonfed International that incorporates 15 Turkish business associations in 21 countries which include, Germany, Georgia, Ukraine, Iraq, China, and Romania, with the aim of increasing trade volume and strengthening bilateral relations between Turkey and these countries.

Under the new leadership of Burak Pehlivan, a well established Turkish business person in Ukraine and the president of International Turkish Ukrainian Business Association, Turkonfed International is planning a growth in the number of member associations in 2019, as well as deepened relations with the current members. In the upcoming years, Turkonfed International aims to expand to the business people associations in China, Japan, Korea, Qatar and the USA.